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I'm Trish, and it's my mission to help introverts and low-energy humans work less and earn more by designing a Lifestyle-First Business™ that's hustle-free and fun to run.


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Are you here to read about my story?

Well...I wasn't always the chilled-out lifestyle entrepreneur you see today

I used to work as a diplomat, flying around the world and meeting politicians and high level officials from countries in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, the Americas and the Pacific. While the travel was great amazing, I became increasingly depressed at the incredibly sloooooow rate of change at the government level. Especially on what's dismissively (and uninspiringly) called "women's issues".

leading a meeting in Fiji

I (eventually) realised that the best way change the world and help women increase their quality of life was to wave goodbye to waffling communiqués and start helping real people one-to-one.

It's my dream to impact 100,000 women in the developed and developing world by helping them

launch and grow a profitable business

This means financial independence, personal fulfilment and building a foundation for generational wealth

So what does this mean for you?

If you're reading this, it probably means you're a service-based business owner who's sick of the stress of flying by the seat of your pants. You want your business to fit seamlessly alongside your life, but right now it's like a giant Pac Man baddie gobbling down the little dots of your free time and flexibility.

As a Human Design Projector, one of my superpowers is seeing the potential in you and your business - even when you're too close to see it yourself!

I'm naturally gifted at cutting through the clutter and confusion of all the ideas you have for your business and getting straight to the heart of what you want.

Then it's all about unleashing my inner organisational nerd to devise a simple strategy and action plan that's aligned with your lifestyle, making it easy and effortless for you to follow.

It's time to start loving your business again!

I believe in:

  • Freedom to choose how you spend your days
  • Hustle-free marketing strategies
  • Paper books over Kindle
  • Collaboration over competition
  • Travelling and exploring
  • Making things simple and stress-free
  • Hiking over swimming
  • The healing power of a nice pot of tea
  • Naps


I believe the simplest and easiest way to succeed online, is to build a business around your authentic self

(yup, even the embarrassing quirks).

That means...

You don't need to show up live on video if it makes you so scared you want to vomit

You don't need to post on Instagram twice a day if you're happier without being exposed to airbrushed teenagers putting on makeup

You can finally say goodbye to "acting extroverted" (Yassss!)

You can hit your income goals without compromising on your values, your integrity or your sleep!

This is what a simple & stress-free business looks like:

  • You work the hours you want to work (and take naps & nature walks when you need them)

  • You wear whatever you want to wear (hello, yoga pants)

  • You decide exactly how much face-to-face time with humans you can handle - and you still make money even when you're not on a 1:1 call

  • You design your every day so it’s aligned with your natural energy rhythms

  • You have a non-sleazy, ethical marketing strategy

  • Your content creation strategy is aligned with your introvert energy (and you have fun following it)

  • You can truly be yourself in all your geeky glory, knowing that your dream clients will love your weirdness

Ready to make it happen?

"I'm so relieved"

As a brand new business owner I've been completely overwhelmed with everything there is to learn, to know and to do. I'm so relieved that Trish helped calm my fears and helped me through this process.

Not only did Trish calm my fears, she was so kind and pleasant to work with. I'm so grateful for her help and I would absolutely recommend her services!


Are you ready to cut through the chaos, get clarity in your business, earn more without working harder, and live life on your own terms?

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