Here's how I can help you get organised and cut out the confusion in your business

Strategy Intensive

Who it's for:

You're a coach or consultant who's been successfully helping clients for a while, but you're getting tired of flying by the seat of your pants. You want a simple and effective strategy to grow your business without burning out, but can never find the time or headspace to figure out the right approach for your unique circumstances.

Everyone on the internet is selling a different "must-have" strategy, but you don't want to spend weeks or months trying to figure out your next move or get stuck in the trial and error approach of jumping between tactics.

You'll leave this 2-3 hour intensive with a reinvigorated, lifestyle-first business strategy and a comprehensive action plan that you're confident implementing.

1:1 Consulting

If you're looking for support, accountability and advice over several weeks or months, this is a deeper coaching relationship that gives you the strategy, implementation and mindset support you need to elevate your business from frustration and overwhelm to easy and effortless.

This is a client-led program, where we agree your goals and outcomes upfront and work together to achieve them over 6-12 weeks (depending on the scale of your goal).

"She's always been spot on"

Omg totally work with Trish. She is incredible. I’ve been working with Trish for years, and she has always been spot on with my marketing and business strategy. Her insights and understanding of marketing and how to communicate with your audience are amazing. She’s so good with copy, and with understanding why you hit certain touch points on a customer journey and more. Highly recommend her!

Angela Peters - Actress, Coach and Blogger


You want change. And you want it now.

When it comes to figuring out how to reach your income goals without working yourself to death, there are so many different strategies online that it can leave you confused, frustrated and spinning in circles.

This 2-3 hour intensive will take away the frustration, help you get clarity on what's right for you and your business, and leave you with a clear strategy and action plan so you can confidently create the lifestyle-first business you desire.

What we'll typically cover in your Strategy Intensive:

  • Getting crystal clear on your income and lifestyle goals

  • Assessing your existing offer suite

  • Creating an aligned action plan to move you forward

  • Adopting a success mindset as a heart-centred coach or freelancer

Investment: $550 USD

Included in your Strategy Intensive


Get started by filling out our business insights workbook. To get the most value out of our time together, it’s important that we get to know more about your lifestyle and income goals, business vision, and existing offerings.


This is where we'll review your ideal life/business goals and address your current pain points. Then we'll scope out a solution that's tailor-made to deliver the results you want, without compromising your introvert nature.


You'll receive a recording of our session and a prioritised action plan that you can take away and implement immediately.

Investment: $550 USD

"Results, results, results"

What I find most remarkable about Trish is her extremely personal approach to business. She spends time with you to learn all about your establishment; she fishes for the most seemingly unimportant details that turn out to be the holy grail to your success. Trish works for you as hard as she works on her own business.

Trish epitomises professionalism, efficiency, effectiveness, excellent customer service, results, results, results...simply amazing.

Ernest Antwi - Founder, Refugee Aware


Support and guidance that's tailored to you.

Sometimes a solid strategy isn't enough - you want someone there to support you and hold you accountable as you implement your new vision.

Working with me means you'll have someone on hand to offer guidance should problems arise, to calm those unwelcome mindset gremlins, and to hold you accountable as you transform your business.

No two packages are alike. Everything is tailored specifically to your goals, your nature, and the type of support you need right now to reach your next goal.

That's why this package is only available by application, which includes a video chat to make sure we're on the same page before either of us make this energetic commitment.

You might be looking to:

  • Figure out why your business isn't working, and how to make it feel thrilling again

  • Work through an idea for your first or next digital product

  • Design workflows and systems that take the stress out of running your business

  • Design a hands-off sales funnel that lets you sell while you sleep

  • Get help with implementing a strategy from a course you've got gathering digital dust on your hard drive

  • Access warm, insightful support and advice as you take the next steps in your business

  • Create a content strategy that won't wear you out

  • Turn your idea into an online course that's ready to launch

  • Refresh your website copy or design, with weekly feedback and strategy advice

  • Have a trusted adviser to bounce ideas off so you don't feel so alone as a solopreneur

Included in Your Custom Consulting Package


We aim to get you the biggest result in the shortest amount of time. To help make this happen, it’s important that we get to know more about your lifestyle and income goals, business vision, and existing offerings.


We don't believe in a cookie-cutter approach to coaching. We'll tailor your program so that your sessions and schedule align with the way you prefer to process and implement action. That means you can choose between video coaching, audio coaching, or a blend of both.


You'll get complimentary access to any of our existing courses or digital products that support you achieving your unique goals. Courses and products currently available cover topics such as lifestyle design, visual branding, copywriting, goal-setting and mindset.

Packages start at $2,000 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we have weekly sessions? That sounds a bit overwhelming.

That's up to you! We'll customise a coaching or consulting package that's specific to you and your goals. Some people love the accountability of weekly sessions, but for others that's too much stress and not enough time to digest. There's no cookie-cutter program we're plonking you into here - what you'll get is support that's tailored specifically to your unique nature and needs.

Do you have payment plans available if I need one?

Sure do. You'll be offered a range of payment options, depending on what your individualised coaching plan looks like.

Can I book a single session with you instead?

I don't normally allow new coaching clients to book without having a free coffee chat first. (Never underestimate the value of a vibe-check!). But... if you've worked with me before or followed me enough to know that we're an energetic match, you can go ahead and book a session here.

Can I talk to you before deciding to invest in coaching?

Absolutely you can. Once we've reviewed your application and are confident we can help, you'll receive an email to book a complimentary call so we can answer any questions, design and quote a coaching package for your unique situation, and make sure we're a perfect energetic match before moving forward.

I've got another question you haven't answered.

Never fear - you'll have plenty of time to ask anything you like during the complimentary coffee chat you'll be offered after we've reviewed your application. Like you, I only want to work with clients who are 100% on board and ready for change. So there's no heavy selling involved here.Submit your application today, and we'll take it from there!

"My confidence has soared"

I have put off pursuing my dream of starting a mission-minded business for years simply because of how overwhelmed I felt with all of the pieces. But then the heavens parted and somehow I connected with Trish. She was FABULOUS! Trish’s ability to not only explain things to me but also to offer her experience and wisdom in doing so was a true gift. Her communication, follow-up, feedback, insights, and encouragement were INVALUABLE! My confidence has soared and I have complete trust that I can move forward and bring myself and my passion fully into the world.

Trish Leichty - Writer, Speaker and Mentor

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