Ready to escape your soul-sucking job and live life on your own terms?

We make it simple to design and launch an aligned Lifestyle-First™ business so you can do what you love, get paid, and travel whenever you want.

Want to know the (not-so-secret) secret to a lifestyle-first freedom business?







Does this sound like you?

You love being a coach or consultant, but you're tired of all the other stuff that goes into running your business.

✔️ You successfully made the leap and escaped the 9-5 grind (yes!)

✔️ You've replaced your income (or you're close to it) and are officially profitable 🎉

✔️ Everything looks amazing on paper, and you feel like you should be living the dream


You’re working all the time

Your business systems are a disorganised mess

You spend too much time on boring, back-end tasks that deflate your energy

Where's all that freedom you were promised?

Yes you're profitable and yes the client work is way more rewarding than being told what to do by a boss,

but you're working more hours than you ever did as an employee, and you can't even fall back on the built-in recharge break of a paid holiday.

(Why don't more entrepreneurs talk about how they miss paid vacation time? It's a thing!)


it doesn't have to be that way

Our Lifestyle-First Framework™ is designed to help you:


how to (re-)align your business model with your introvert or low-energy personality


which energetic commitments belong in your business, and what can be let go without regret


a strategic offer suite that makes your business more simple and profitable

Hi, I'm Trish!

As the self-proclaimed World's Biggest Introvert, I know a little something about how hard it is to tune-out the overwhelming noise of online business advice that's created by and for extroverted or high-energy personality types.

Sometimes it feels like the only way to grow your coaching business is:

Doing daily live videos

Spending hours "giving value" for free in Facebook groups

Posting on Instagram 3 times a day

Dancing around on TikTok

Happily, there's another way

I'm all about helping you build a thriving online coaching or consulting business...

"All the overwhelm vanished"

Trish was very easy to talk to and understood exactly where I am at in my business. Her recommendations were clear, easy to follow and left me feeling like I had direction in where to take my business. All the overwhelm of too many options has vanished and I feel much more at ease and able to focus on the path forward.

- Alyssa, Energy Healer

Imagine running an introvert-friendly business that has:

  • Space for solitude
  • Dreamy clients on demand
  • Effortless engagement
  • Simple, streamlined systems
  • Compelling copy that converts
  • No-fuss funnels

Ready to make it happen?

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