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positive mindset is key

This blog is for dreamers who want to become doers.

People who are looking for more out of life than working a job they hate just to earn enough to get by.

People who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and who still believe that life is meant to be more…

→ more joyful

→ more rewarding

→ more energising

I’m here to show that you don’t have to follow the conventional life path that your culture or community or society expects from you.

Life is too short to keep delaying your dreams.



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How would you spend your perfect day?

Gosh I love the first week of January. To me, the start of the brand new year is bursting with promise and anticipation, and it’s blissfully free of the cynicism and weariness that so often attach themselves to us like limpets* as the days, weeks and months wear on....

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How to be more lucky (in 7 simple steps)

I've always been lucky. I don't mean winning-the-lottery lucky, but lucky in the sense that everything in my life has kind of always worked out. If you believe that luck is a magical power that is bestowed by an external deity…well, you probably hate me a little bit...

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Whose life are you living?

Whether you realise it or not, your life is unfolding according to a script that was written before you were born. If you’re a woman born in a Westernised country, the story arc mapped out for you probably looks something like this: Go to school! Study hard! Find a...

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Why I decided to live by my own rules

Welcome to my very first post! I'm delighted that you're here. If you've found this blog, it means you're ready to make a change. There's something in your life that you've always wanted to do, but you've been too scared or uncertain about how to make it happen. Well...

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It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed

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